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Thread: Solid Professor ... anyone?

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    I have grown desperate over the last few months in an attempt to find this amazing training course called "solid professor" for the solidworks cad program. Does ANYONE have an idea of maybe where to look for this? I'm unfortunately not a member too many exclusive torrent sites. Ive used meta searches and can't find it on demonoid. I'm so desperate that I'd pay (can I do that... ?) up to $10 for a link to the real thing. Thanks for any info! : )

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    3,305 - Disconnect from the internet while activating with the included serial (since the serial is actually about a year old).

    No need for monetary compensation for the insignificant time I wasted. Donate the money to charity instead, if you're in such a giving mood.
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    Thanks for the link, didn't want to get into trouble there. Guess I should read the rules more carefully! I was actually looking for the "Solid Professor" training course for solidworks. If anyone does know where to find it just let me know without any specifics (links etc) Very appreciative of any help !


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