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    Just stumbled upon this little piece of software. It's still on the early stages of development, but can become very useful in the near future.

    Check it at:

    Download at:

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    thanks stallone guy
    Pimpn aint easy

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    Hey guys I just came across this pretty cool app when looking around on the sabnzbd forums. Essentially it's just a front end for a bunch of usenet indexers so feel free to give it a go.

    I discovered SABnzbd not that long ago, simply an awesome app!
    I was missing a desktop app (win32) that integrates SABnzbd with some search engines.
    So I created NZBSearcher. Right now it sists between being beta and being rock solid stable.
    Still, it's already quite usefull. It's build from the ground up to be quite easy to add more search providers,
    so more will be integrated, not just,, and
    More features will be coming very soon, stay tuned!

    Functionality and Usability first, eye candy later Cool

    Download here:

    Coming to NzbSearcher:
    - Auto Downloader will have a regular expression result filter, to filter out exactly what you want
    - Auto Downloader will have a preview search window, to preview the settings made in the dialog, what effects they will have

    Known Limitations/Bugs:
    - is the only fully implemented Search Engine, the others still have some short comings

    Release v2.0.1.2
    - Toolbar locations restored on program restart (only on top docking positions though)
    - Multi selection of NZB's now downloading as a single item (works on all search providers)
    - SABnzbd queueu control now has "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" buttons (also works with multi-select, just like normal move)
    - Speed limiter of SABnzbd now visible and directly controllable from NzbSearcher

    Release v2.0.0.0:
    - Better GUI layout, draggable toolbars
    - Better organized configuration storage (WARNING: makes V2 incompatible with V1, make sure you remember your settings)
    - Automatic downloaded articles now includes titles with friendly name (%T now works)
    - search support (not fully completed, but workable)
    - Enable/disable tabs, any search engine (or other tab) can be hidden.
    - Auto Downloader much better, will confirm with SABnzbd if article downloaded and extracted, before moving on to next episode.
    - Auto Downloader has now options to check for next episode and season when unable to find current one.
    - Optionally downloading NZB, then uploading it to SABnzbd.
    The "Auto Downloader" always uses this option, as it is better able to tell what's happening,
    except of course when configured to store to a directory or open with a program, in that case,
    as soon as the NZB is downloaded, it will mark the episode as "done" and moves on to the next.
    - Optionally save files to a location, instead of passing them to SABnzbd
    - Optionally open a program with the saved NZB file as parameter
    - Optionally disable SABnzbd integration entirely (when hiding SABnzbd's tab)
    - SABnzbd icon will blink when downloading. Yellow only is passive state.
    - Red SABnzbd icon state means there's a failure with downloading, so you can check out the message on the SABnzbd screen.
    - Icons made higher resolution
    - added crash report system, whenever NzbSearcher crashes, it can now make a report, so that I can help you fix your problem.
    - added config incompatibility warning
    - lots and lots of small improvements and fixes

    Release v1.2.2.0
    - Added search support
    No proper NFO support yet, but that'll be implemented soon-ish.

    Release v1.2.0.0
    - Added NzbMatrix search support.
    Be sure to fill in NzbMatrix details in config dialog, and also in SABnzbd's config!
    Need to have VIP access for this, is a one time fee of $10 i believe.
    Due to incomplete API, NFO files can't be viewed. Working on solution.
    Due to incomplete API, results can't be sorted. can't be helped. you can select a sorting method in your NzbMatrix profile.
    NzbMatrix is using HTTPS for a secure connection
    - Added colors to Auto Downloader (same as favorites, green en red colored for 6-8 and 8-15 days)
    - Added availability column (mainly useful with for now)
    - Fixed flickering when minized into tray (when SABnzbd was downloading)
    - Fixed add to queue SABcat change, when going back from add to queue dialog, category is passed along back to search dialog
    - Fixed selection issue when opening NFO screen with focus

    Release v1.1.3.2
    - Added toggle button to show/hide NFO file contents from NZB files (shows whenever info is available)
    - Added NFO link in context menu, opens in notepad (also with Ctrl+F11)
    - Added IMDB access in context menu, opens in external browser (also with Ctrl+F10)
    when NFO is available for current selected, it'll download that first, check if there's a IMDB link in it,
    if so, it'll use that to directly jump to the correct page. Otherwise, It'll ask you to alter the title to search for.
    - Downloaded history (SABnzbd tab) can now be double clicked, it opens the storage location
    - Question if you really want to quit when you have configured any automatic downloads,
    now only pops up when you have enabled NzbSearcher to sit in system tray.
    - some other small stuff I can't think of right now.

    Release v1.1.1.1
    - Added speed indication
    - Added space indication
    - added about-box with link to website
    - result filter fixed to work with minus (ie. -german will only show nzb's without german in it)
    - after search, focus is now set on result list
    - bugs fixed
    - other stuff I can't remember

    Release v1.1.0.1
    - Fixed bug that many of you reported. Thanks for everyone who sent this in.

    Release v1.1.0.0
    - BIG addition: automatic episode downloader
    - App can now sit in the system tray (enable this in the config dialog)
    - number of small additions and bug fixes

    Release v1.0.6.6
    - Bug fix release

    Release v1.0.6.4
    - Added version checking, user will be notified if new version is released
    - Download size can now be displayed in KB. this is optional (turn on in config dialog)
    - Added favorite colored star. This star is an indicator of when last download took place.
    When green, the favorite hasn't downloaded an article for 6 to 8 days
    When red, nothing has been downloaded for 8 to 15 days
    No star means either less then 6 days or more then 15 days,
    in which case user can pay less attention to it.
    Ofcorse the timestamp of the article is used (not the actual time of the download)
    This addition is most useful for weekly recurring downloads (series for example)

    Release v1.0.5.4
    - Added SABnzbd download history.
    This is done intelligently, so that the history isn't refreshed every single second.
    So when you also use other programs with SABnzbd, the history might get out of date.

    Release v1.0.4.4
    - Added the most important SABnzbd controls: delete, move up, move down. (more later)
    - Added IMDB button in "Add to Queue" dialog. (will be moved somewhere else in future)
    - bug fixes

    Release v1.0.3.4
    - Fixed sorting issue when not filtering a list

    Release v1.0.3.3
    - Added splash screen
    - Added result filter
    - Added on the fly loading of more articles.
    When you scroll down, more articles are fetched on the fly, when more is available.
    this only works when list is not filtered by the "result filter".
    This will be done with 25 items at a time.
    Most usually, when you search, 50 or 75 items are loaded, because more then 25 items fit on the screen.
    With this addition, true browsing of specific groups is possible!
    (to do this, sort by age first, then specify the groups you want to browse, then do an empty search)

    Release v1.0.2.3
    - Added possibility to specify which groups to search in ( ofcorse these will be saved within favorites as well.
    - Fixed a minor bug in SABnzbd group pickup from settings when prepairing download
    - Added "New Search" button, to easily clear all search data
    - minor bug fixing

    Release v1.0.1.1
    - Improved favorites handling
    - Added SABnzbd categories to search dialog, will be saved within favorites

    Release v1.0.0.1
    - Fixed issue when SABnzbd webserver returned an error

    Release v1.0.0.0
    - Initial release
    - Adds search
    - Favorites storage
    - Able to select category before NZB download / import
    - SABnzb can only be viewed, not really controlled yet

    Install Instructions:
    - Extract it anywhere on your computer, simply run it, no install requiered
    - .NET 2.0 requiered
    - have fun!

    Download here:

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    I had already opened a thread about that. Going to merge them.


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