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Thread: Good Encryption Software?

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    Hey guys, i am wondering what your opinions are on the best software for encrypting folders or entire hard drives. I am currently using TrueCrypt and it seems to be ok. But is it the safest? I wan't to make sure my personal information is secure.

    Thanks for your help

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    Why so scared? CP is forbidden and you know it. Just set a bios password, that'll do.

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    Are there any non-assholes who actually know wtf they are talking about? Would appreciate it.

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    Hey Jallen, Trucrypt is a really good encryption program, if you want something more professional you can also try PGP Whole Disk Encryption. I use this on my Mac, and its pretty good.

    However If you find trucrypt is easy to use then stick with it, there isnt much difference in security in both products.

    The main thing is having a long password , try to use something with mixed case and number and atleast 12 characters long.

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    You should be pretty safe with Truecrypt. As far as I know it hasnīt been cracked yet, except for that firewire exploit, which however is not that much of an issue in my opinion
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    Ok thanks for the comments guys. Yeah i looked into that firewire memory exploit out of curiousity. The only way that would work is if a volume has already been mounted and they have a firewire connected to the back of your computer. Not very likely. Another way is to take the ram out and freeze it within seconds. Well i am not working for the government, or a CEO of a major corperation so i don't think i have to worry about that lol. I am glad i chose this program it is great so far!

    Thanks again,


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    Truecrypt is a very strong solution, it will protect you info. Give more information about who you are trying to hide data from, for better advice

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    Yes Truecrypt is the daddy
    The good thing about Truecrypt is you can encrypt an OS-partition while you are using it,takes about 8hrs, then do a reboot and your whole OS-partition is encrypted.
    You can make usb drives encrypted,files, keyfiles pretty much anything on a pc.
    you made a good choice.
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    Truecrypt is the best

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