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Thread: What is the best game you have ever played?

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    For me it has to be either Mario Kart 64, or Tribes Ariel Assualt (playing with brothers/friends back in the day it was a lot of fun)

    I have many favorites, but these stand out the most to me. Can't wait to see what the best games were for you guys!

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    That really reminds me of Tribes 2. The first great huge amount of players multiplayer before Battlefield came out. Plus the sci-fi concept was really original for the gameplay.

    My heart lies with the original Rainbow Six franchise under Red Storm Entertainment.

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    Best game I've played is somewhat hard to say, as there are so many that I had great experiences with. But I probably still think the best game ever made for it's time was the original Legend of Zelda for NES. The latter games in the series, especially from SNES and on, were quite cookie cutter in comparison and involved a lot of hints and hand-holding through the game. Too easy and nowhere near the level of secrets and mystery involved with the original. That game was revolutionary, there had been nothing at all like it before.

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    For me it may be World in conflict... I don't really know because I played lots of games (most of them PC).
    I was once addicted to the Total war series and could play it for hours, but now I can't stand to play it even an hour, so its really hard to say what's the best game I played cause the things you like somewhat change over time.

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    need for speed most wanted

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    may First game was Mafia 1

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    Mario 64. what a great game.
    i still got my very old Nintendo 64

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    TES 3 Morrowind
    and TES 4 Oblivion

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    Hard to say what is the best game I've ever played, but if I had to choose one, i'd choose Ōkami on PS2, It was a great game with a particular gameplay that I've seen anywhere else.

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