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Thread: Is Spun.2002.DVDRip.XviD.iNT-MOViERUSH UNRATED?

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    The runtime is less and there's no mention of the rating in the nfo .

    Anyone confirm anything?
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    There is only one running time and the differences are in blurring of shots and audio censorship. I really don't get why some of the releases are list at 1:41+ minutes unless it's an international release.

    See here for a NSFW details and visual comparison

    Btw Shitbusters has a really nice version out there somewhere.
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    you can always dl one of these two releases:

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    I believe this is the movie about drug/meth addicts and I think has Brittany Murphy and Mickey Rourke in it. I had been wanting to see this at one point but for some reason I never got around to it. I'll use this topic as a reminder and make sure to watch it in the next few days.


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