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Thread: Avi movie files.

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    I have a stack of Avi movies i have been saving for when i start travelling. What i want to know is why are the dimensions different for every movie. Is there a program i can make them closer to being all the same dimensions, so they look better on my tv screen.
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    Feel free to re-encode them to match the same size using viDrop or any other batch converter. That'll take time and CPU power, though.
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    First of all you will loose quality, you might also loose space. I guessing all of the files have different codecs. Best you can do is play with the aspect ratio settings of your TV screen.
    If you really want to transform your files, as anon said, it will take alot of processing power. Encoding times vary greatly, you might need more than a hour of encoding for each movie.

    If you want to encode all, you might want to queue all files and take a good night sleep while your PC is working. But encoding is a real PIA for a beginner.

    Good Luck


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