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Thread: [HAVE] Cheg, Empor, Filep, Pbit, Ptna, PsyT Accounts [WANT] TranceTraffic or others

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    I have Cheggit, Empornium, Fileporn, Pornbit, Puretna, Pussytorrents Accounts all with good amount of buffer (about 1TB+). Willing to trade for TranceTraffic or any other good offers (invites included).

    If you have something really good, i am willing to give you more than one of mine to get it !!!

    PM me for more info if needed.
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    Willing to give more than one of my accounts for invites to trancetraffic or any other top sites... best offer will get my attention

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    Most of the sites you offer are open for signups. Maybe that's why no one wants to trade.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Any more offers anyone?? didn't like the offers given to me to date so just wanted to let everyone know this thread is still open.
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    hey,,,you know you're the TTBOY..


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