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Thread: [have]bitme,btn,scc,ncore,TV,freshon,bitmetv,...[want] good offers

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    this is my list for trade

    scc acc 25g buffer
    2 revett invites
    bitme acc
    bitmetv acc
    ncore acc
    waffles acc
    iplay acc
    tti acc
    hd torrents acc
    sex acc
    ipt acc
    TD acc
    torrent vault acc
    freshon acc
    6 btn invites
    TC acc
    goem acc
    THC acc acc
    ptn acc
    ptp acc
    dvd club acc
    super torrents acc
    bitgamer invite

    pm me some offers

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    if you want torrentleech pm me

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    edit: nevermind, i typed the username wrong.
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