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Thread: puntotorrent , biggest SPANISH tracker

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    Only for spanish speak country or someone who can speak spanish......

    Users: 32400
    torrents: 34211
    seeds: 53795
    leechers: 1907
    peers: 55702
    seeds/leechers: 2,821%
    Traffic: 9,016.57 PB

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    I'd like an invite! I sent you a PM

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    sent you a pm, I'd also like one if you have another to spare

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepal View Post
    Only for spanish speak country or someone who can speak spanish......
    almost everyone of us here occupy a spot on rutracker but almost none of us speak russian.language cant be a barrier for anyone to fetch the stuff they desire

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    except that rutracker has plenty of music and english content. i guess puntotorrent provides, first and foremost, spanish content (spanish films/spanish dubbed movies).
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    Hello, im looking for a spanish tracker. Ill pm you

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    if someone else need other invite pm me and ill sen u


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