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Thread: Ext4 with noatime, more tweaking ?

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    Hello Guys,
    Anyone have experience with ext4 with noatime ? according to different benchmarks it supposed to give you more IOPS (30%), anyone aware of more tweaks that can be made to squizze the hard drives even more ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    "noatime" is pretty safe and gives good performance. Also might want to try "data=writeback". If you have UPS/battery backup or don't care if you lose a bit of data in case of system crash, you can also add "barrier=0" (turn off write barriers).

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    hey Dima, you can also check the site and information that Cabalo gave me here:
    on the link he gave me there are some pretty useful tips. Check it out
    take care
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    Thanks a lot guys, really appreciated

    Best Regards,

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    For seedboxes, I would say using the writeback flag can cause additional hashing due to corruption on incomplete files, in case there's an unexpected error with the system.
    Nothing serious though, just an heads up for those that don't like seeing cpu cycles being wasted on rehashing.


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