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Thread: Ape Escape

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    Can't get the guy to move with any buttons on my ePSXe on my PC with a PS1 controller...

    EDIT: Well that sucks...

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    You need an analog controller to play that game

    The left stick moves him and the right stick swings that net around

    Kick ass game

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    Do they plug into a PSONE and can you link me to a picture of one...

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    You need this one here

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    What, thats the one I am using...

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    In the epsxe settings, you have to change the game pad to digital.analog or just analog.

    Its a bit tricky to get them ones working properlly.

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    Ah, I see, well I can crawl and walk and run at times but it all seems mixed.
    I'm guessing the joysticks don't work that well with the ePSXe.
    I'll try it on my PSONE later.


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    Cool game, works great on my PSONE, very nice...


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