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Thread: Can I Put Some Of You In My Pocket?

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    Are You A Bad Enough Dude?

    People... could you please take a few minutes to hear this out? See, I like opening up my heart, you know what I'm sayin?And like, share the stuff that's been happening to me, because I used to be like you! I fell into that world of pretend.And that's where you gotta smarten up... and cut somebody, sometime. You might think that I float, you know. Maybe even walk on water and stuff. But, I'm here to tell you that, sometimes, I drink out the volcano. I know how to deal with life.Iknow how to fuck with it! I just gotta ask you, people are you ready to accept what I have to teach you?Do you want me to show you the way?Are you ready?..yes?..You're in my pocket...

    What Its Like

    Dextromethorphan or dxm for short.Some of the effects are:
    1. euphoria, mood lift
    2. giggling, laughing
    3. dissociation of mind from body
    4. creative dream-like experiences
    5. increased tactile sensation
    6. empathic feelings, forgiveness, warm feelings towards others

    All it takes is one bottle for each level.Dont try to chug the bottles at once because you will throw it all up and waste it all.I take small sips straight every five or so minutes.You might also want to sip on an energy drink if you feel like you cant drink cough syrup straigh.Please dont rush it.Because if done right it is so worth it."robitussin extra strength" bottles that come in 8oz are my weapons of choice.I myself used to take 3 bottles every friday.I recommend listening to music while doing a simple task.The music helps with the meditation and the task lets you know when it is hitting.Relax...

    Dose not sound all that impressive but when you go threw the levels and there are four plateaus (or levels of magnitude) to go through.You will be better for it and it will balance you out.Ive been using dxm for years now and become sort of an expert on the subject.It has gotten me threw bad times and even worse times.This is my tool and i would like to give it to some of you that might need help.Although i am so tolerant to it and dont use it like i used to, I still recommend for the "in need".Like i was saying:

    There are four different levels of intensity.the higher the level, The higher the intensity.

    The Levels

    Step 1:At about 30 minutes to 1 hour after dosing (it might even take a little longer if overweight) a sensation is noticeable.You start to feel the effects build on itself.Emotions start to become intensified.You start to hear music in a new light.Your over all mood is fucking great!It may not last long it you have taken a higher amount.If you have then you are on your way to better things my guy.When You are at level one you will know it.

    Step 2:Second plateau trips usually take between 30 and 60 minutes to start (on an empty stomach).This is when dreamlike reality may start and one begins to feel increasingly detatched from the outside world.Closed-eye hallucinations are often seen at stage two.Some people may not want to be around other people because of the deep personal experiences.For first timers this is when shit gets real.You may find your self in this level fast and onto the next within 10 or 20 minutes.I suggest laying down and relaxing.

    The next two are not like the rest.They are very intensified.I dont think first timers should try to reach these levels with out having at least a hand full of experience spread out over months.Move on if you think you are a bad enough dude.

    Step 3:Looking around the room, You may look at the vantage point of some one from another planet.Everything is very alien.You start to feel detached and you might as well be in another place as far as you feel.Most people like me tend to stay in bed but standing is possible but i dont recommended it.The experience can become earth changing.You can go every deep into your mind; To past memories that you have not thought of in years and certain people may bring strong emotional feelings.You can even look at yourself in some alien form in your meditation.Thought is extremely deep here.Even with all said it can be very relaxing.

    Step 4:Full on dissociative effects baby.You dont even have to keep your eyes closed for the light show.Fly through space for a few hours.Reach out to the orbs of color.But caution.please dont even think of moving might do something clumsily.Dont bother with music.You wont be able to understand it.And dont worry about deep wont be able to have them.This may be not as enjoyable as level three because of your loss in senses and even memory.

    My Take On The Whole Experience

    After a come down of 6 hours or more on dxm.I am at peace.I feel like a huge amount of time has passed and i am back from an epic journey.Theres nothing like dxm people...weed?No.It has helped me with depression and the nights where i would of most likely ended up hurting in jail or worse.I know there are so many way of dealing with problems but this is a safe way i have found to deal with mine.Anyway, I have sense found peace in sobriety and no longer do dextromethorphan often.I think the last time was months ago.Maybe six or seven months ago.I just wanted give my gift to others... Of course you can enjoy dxm for the fun of it.But i view it so much more then some stupid drug like weed.Dextromorphan is special to me...

    So now that you are now in my pocket do you feel better?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdolEyes787 View Post
    As you are an annoying asshole with serious mental problems and no redeeming qualities I would say that it's totally understandable.

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    I've read none of the above but I do thoroughly enjoy duke nukem and statues of hot naked men. So I'm in


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