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Thread: C&c Generals And Battlefield1942

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    i have c&c generals,i open it it says sorry a serious error eccored and crashs to the folder.for battlefield 1942 i downloaded every file on kazaa lite,none of them are the real game. if u know how to get them reply.

    p.s: how do u use emule?i have emule plus and i was trying to download a file and it just says waiting for 2 hole days when is it gonna start downloading.

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    have u tried the verifieds for battlefield and generals?

    if u search this board for generals i know there is a really good compressed version of it, i have tried it and it works, i have also seen verifieds of battlefield

    if i file is popular on emaule it will put u in a que, sometimes it will take a long time to start downloading, you may only get a couple of Megs before ur put back into que.

    also if a file on emule has only a few sources sometimes you will not connect to any of these making the file pretty much undownloadable

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    thx,i use edonkey2000 same thing anyways


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