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Thread: Trusted serial/crack sites

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    Are there any with no injectors, loggers, cache stealer ... malicious sites?

    Mainly give up with the windows appz, the a/v usually locks the keygen in a vault even when you try and "ignore" the threat .

    There are a few I used to use and the serials usually worked but the sites looked very suspicious so I accessed them either through a Linux box or a sandpit ... can't remember the sites for the life of me now.
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    there was a clean site with "guru" in their name, but I can't recall

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    I think you are talking about keygenguru, I havn't used in a while tho.

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    FSF made an article about this a while ago, but chances are some of those sites are still alive.

    Personally, I use Warez-BB to get the apps I want, plus their respective cracks/serials.
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    I think this all falls under

    Rule 10 - Cracks/Keygens/Warez

    Posting of direct download links to copyrighted material such as private ftp sites, serial numbers, warez sites and torrentlinks are prohibited. Posts directly or indirectly containing this information will be edited. Sig2dat quicklinks and hashes are NOT considered to be downloadable and will be allowed. Don't ask for torrents, cracks, serials or keygens to be posted, you are asking someone else to break this rule. Hacking/Cracking discussions are not allowed.
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    Hmm, no one is asking to post serials, and there are no direct download links to any of that material. That's how I interpreted the rule. Seems ok to discuss this.

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    Do people still visit sites with serials ? The only site i trust is warez-bb and luelinks . I always read the comments so see if something can harm my system . Some even have reports with antivirus making it safe for you to download it .
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    warez-bb is the best solution in my opinion tho i cant say for sure all cracks/keygens are virus free, i myself found viruses in some cracks downloaded from there so i always use virus total to verify before executing any

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    Use Sandboxie to test stuff you don't trust. If it does "nothing" but keeps on running, just kill all the programs inside the sandbox and wipe it.

    Personally, I've only had only one such experience with software from Warez-BB, an installer with a trojan bound to it.
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    Since a staff membered okayed this discussion, I must say I have been using gamecopyworld (just google it) for years to get my game cracks and it has never let me down. Best place on the internet for fixed .exe's and game trainers.

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