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    For some reason whenever i try to open a dos program the screen flashes and nothing happens. For example when i was trying to find my IP address i opened run and typed ipconfig and then a black screen flashed and then it just dissappears and i have no idea what the problem is, anyone got any ideas?


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    Ok, here’s how it works,
    Programs in windows stay open, until you tell it to close, but with ""Many"" Command Line programs they don't, after the program does what it was meant to do, like print IP information, the program ends.
    Well, Windows interprets this as you were done using the program, so you no longer need the window open, so windows automatically closes it.

    What you need to do is type CMD, and open the Command Line first, then inside the command line run whatever program you are wanting to use. That way the window will not close.
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    oh i see thanks alot.

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    Originally posted by adamp2p@8 November 2003 - 04:49
    Was wondering myself there.



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