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Thread: Retail threatens Steam ban

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    hell, even new games are kinda hard to find sometimes @ retail. also, for ppl like me if it's NOT on steam i won't even play it. i'm sure there's more than one like that so it's in the publishers better interest to go ahead and allow steam. thx.
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    So, to get back at a massive seller of games the less successful (it would seem) sellers would not sell STEAM games. With so many new top titles using STEAM I don't see what they plan to sell lol

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    The people threatening not to use Steam are the top titles...

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    STEAM FTW! Games are easy to download, they have included the latest updates, patch, fixes, etc.
    No more scratched dvd`s or space occupied by dozens of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotshot6473 View Post
    The people threatening not to use Steam are the top titles...

    no. its the stores.

    i have mixed feelings about steam. i think its a great tool for distribution and updating. makes many things a whole lot easier including not needing the actual disc. my one real issue is that its harder to make a decent crack and update for some of the games not worth buying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbintb View Post
    my one real issue is that its harder to make a decent crack and update for some of the games not worth buying.
    I think that's the reason why a lot of game makers like STEAM due to its security.

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    Had to comment on this. The irony is valve, along with Blizzard has made only the highest quality games for the PC platform, and other developers/publishers (wahtever) want a piece too, and are too ignorant to believe that it was their poor decision making when it comes to game quality in the past. This is why games like Half-Life/CSS and Starcraft/Warcraft do so well. This is why these companies are raking in the cash. They have developed a very large following because of the quality of the content they provide. They are constantly INNOVATING the PC platform, unlike other studios who choose to keep PC on an equal footing as the console, despite the technology nearing multiple generations ahead. The fact is, people are not going to use EA's download service or Microsoft games network, they simple host too many terrible games on their platform, have a horrendous reputation, and their poor sportsmanship is clearly being shown by the stance they are taking against valve. Sorry, but i'm sticking with Valve, they have served me good, and all 160 of my games are at my fingertips with excellent download speeds, unlimited copies, protected CD keys, friends networks that people use, and a company that cares. God I dont know when the EA customer service actually got anything done, and god knows how long it took microsoft to cancel my Live subscription over the phone (Site wouldn't let me). I could probably get a refund for a game I bought a month ago from steam.

    Fact is digital distribution is over 50% of the PC games sold (And god knows how many of those are relics that You cant get online). Time to start cutting game prices retailers, and valve, I aint going to be paying for the box for long.
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