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Thread: Clicking On Links In Suprnova

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    When I click on a link in Suprnova using MozillaFirebird, I just get the screen with all the program text..

    Is there a way to set it up in Mozilla?

    I was able to get it to launch Shareaza, but the download doesn't begin.

    If I save a link to disk than open the link it works, but that's a pain in the ass...

    Anybody use Mozilla and launch downloads from


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    Its possible. You have to set some file associations or mime types depending on what version of mozilla you use go into options or prefences and find the mime type and file associations and associate .torrent files with your bittorent client.

    Actually its best to save the link as because some of the links for torrent files are outdated and when you try to save them it tells you that the file cant be saved.

    Thats a lot more convenient for me if mozilla tells me the torrent cant be saved right then and there rather than opening my bittorent client and telling me it cant open the torrent.


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