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    Have just updated memory to 4gb, below are the readings in systems info. I only had 1gb before so do i need to adjust anything or has computer done it for me.

    Total physical memory - 4,096.00 MB
    Available physical memory - 3.02 GB
    Total virtual memory - 2.00 Gb
    Available virtual memory - 1.96 Gb
    Page file space - 4.68 Gb

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    32 bits OS ?
    You will need a 64bit version of windows to take full advantage of the 4Gb.
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    yeah would be only 32bit, just thought virtual memory would have gone up.

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    Yep, you need 64bit Windows to use more than 4gigs of ram,
    or... you can use a more superior 32-bit OS, something capable of using PAE kernel
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    From what I understand, 32bit Windows OS's see the 4GB of RAM, it just allocates some of it for other resources right off the bat. Nothing you can do about but live with it.

    Are you letting Windows handle the Virtual Memory? With paging, I think you can have around 6GB of memory, RAM+Virtual, for 32bit Windows.

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    Not exactly it doesn't go up to 6 only to 4 gigs that's why it will not show you 4. I've only seen up to maybe 3.4 -3.6 or something. It allocates the rest for virtual

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    3.8 i guess thats what i saw in windows xp 32 bit


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