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    Hi, does anyone have a spare invite to ntorrents or any other good nintendo ds sites? Got a ds lite as a gift and now all I need are games


    resolved, thanks!
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    pm me mail for pwnnetwork or ntorrents......
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    If all you're wanting is DS games then you certainly don't need to use a tracker(unless of course you want to download massive packs of .nds roms). Use ROM sites like Romulation and Emuparadise instead. Just download and go. No need having to seed files that are only a few mb's in size.

    By the way, Romulation gets the newer releases up faster than Emuparadise.

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    Another one I use frequently is
    Listen to Funkin' ... he is right. Those NDS games are usually small in size and ideal for DDL imo.
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    thanks for all the responses!

    romulation doesn't allow nds roms anymore, just fyi for those who see this thread at a later date

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucifer9999 View Post
    pm me mail for pwnnetwork or ntorrents......
    Just curious, wasn't nTorrents going to go down and resurface as PWN? Looks like they kept both sites?
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