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    i have a camcorder that produces mpeg4 video. i have used nero to convert to vcd use with a dvd player but quality sux. could some 1 please help me make a copy of my tapes {ntsc} to a format that looks the same when converted to a vcd.
    am totally lost. of course i can watch tape on tv and all is fine but vcd is blurred.
    is it pal,,,, etc. what do i do to make a disk look like the tape in playback with tmpgenc?. all or any thoughts is more than appreciated. and a big thx to all who have helped me before with different problems because i look at kazaa members as my guide to all of my recources of help.

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    dvdrhelp has good guides for everything

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    here are a few adjustments to consider in TmpgEnc--

    1. motion search precision. if you've got a fast CPU, crank the motion search precision option up to the highest setting. this should compensate for fast motion and shaky camera work.

    2. deinterlace. just about any video source has a certain amount of interlacing, some more pronounced than others. double click on the deinterlace option to preview the video, and then you can sample the various deinterlace methods and see which one looks best.

    3. noise reduction. this option will prolly have the strongest effect. camcorder sources are bound to have a certain amount of noise in the picture-- when examined closely it looks like a very light rippling in the color, especially noticeable in large areas of solid color. visual noise can result in bad-looking VCD conversions because it wastes a lot of the MPEG's bitrate trying to deal with the noise. if you filter the noise out, the encoder should produce a much better looking picture at the expense of a little bit of detail. double click on that, and try adjusting the "still picture" and "time axis" options in tandem. leave the "range" option at 1. 20-1-20 and 40-1-40 are reasonable settings for the average cam-to-VCD conversion, i think. and be sure to enable "high quality mode."


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