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Thread: Lightest Usenet Client?

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    What is the lightest usenet client? I will use it on ubuntu with only 256MB RAM.

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    Sabznbd, for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabalo View Post
    Sabznbd, for sure.
    Cosign...with it being so light, and the automatic par repair, rar extraction, and rar/par deletion, nothing else compares IMO.

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    Command line based nzbget for sure. GUIs are for those who just fail.

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    nzbget +1

    and do yourself a favor, ditch the ubuntu, no good will come from that over bloated garbage salad.

    Few distro advices;
    #! crunchbang they started as "ubuntu minus bloatware", very minimalist and elegant system. Easy to use. It is as light as it gets with graphical interface
    zenwalk a lightweight distro, designed for older computers. User friendly
    Arch Linux Well, arch is the fastest out there. Designed for speed, optimized for x86(32bit). Lightness of the arch is unbelievable, come with almost nothing. It is few times faster than ubuntu. The problem is it comes with nothing, not even a desktop. After the install you end up with an command line, than you start installing things you might need, like a desktop, file manager, music player or a web browser. All configs are text based have its own package manager (pacman). Hard to use, harder for beginners, yet very greatly documented. Knowing about "pacman", "man", "apropos" and "lynx" will help alot. My favourite distro.

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    Expeto, nothing can get as minimalistic and a GUI than DSL .
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