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Thread: "Parking" accounts

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    I'm home for the winter break and I'm going to be doing some work on my computer as well as just working a lot of hours so I won't be making many if any downloads or uploads. My question is how inactive I need to be and for how long if I want to park my account. Of course, I don't really want to, I just would rather do that than have my account disabled and have those who have invite me punished. What's your insights/rule of thumb?

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    see FAQ for duration. each tracker are different. and if you disabled for inactivity, no one got punished

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    You can park your account whenever you want. That usually extends the normal inactivity period of 30/42 days to around 3 months.

    No site will punish your inviter if you're disable due to inactivity, by the way.
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    alright well thats good to know I might pick up a few albums anyways just to burn for cheap presents haha

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    Put a note in your profile saying that you will be away until xxxxxxx. If you go to each site's irc support channel when you return, most will have no problem re-enabling you.


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