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    theres a encode team that called Fairplay. they usually encode football games.
    my question is where they upload all their torrents, i can't find old games.
    thx 4 every1

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    TenYardTorrents has a lot of football games. Perhaps they upload there.

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    FAIRPLAY are a Scene group, meaning they do not release on P2P networks; however, scene/0-day bittorrent sites will leak their releases to p2p... as such they can be found all over the net:

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    Milrowave, you gave me american football tracker when i looked for soccer. thx anyway
    TONIC, thx for the site it helped me despite the face i didn't find old games.
    thx for bith of you. if anyone can find me a site with alot of football (soccer) games i will be glad.


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