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Thread: Popular HD movies trackers?

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    I'm looking for private movie trackers, specialised in 720p HD- just the names. Would appreciate a heads up here. I'm already a member at, but they're nothing that awesome.

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    hd-torrents (HiDt,DNL), hdbits (CtrlHD, EbP, DON)

    and all chinese

    hdchina, chdbits (CHD), ttg (WiKi), hdroad (MySilu)etc.

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    bit-hdtv, are two good ones i have heard,and are easy to get into

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    maybe even with their hdbrise will be ok for that kind of stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by karachidude View Post
    bit-hdtv, are two good ones i have heard,and are easy to get into
    as it seems people will never stop to make a mess from and names
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    hdbits (CtrlHD, EbP, DON)
    Try recommending him a place he can actually get in.

    HD-Torrents and Bit-HDTV are two good and approachable HD sites, from what I've been told.
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