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Thread: combining nzb's

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    So i reallyyy want to download guitar hero 2 for xbox 360 but the only thing i can find is on

    the issue is that the creators of the nzb messed up the .dvd file so there is another file on there that is about 2.04mb and i need to add that fix in to the .dvd

    how is this achieved? i understand im a newb to this and may be flamed for asking what may be a newb question

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    Moved to the correct section.

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    What do you mean "how is this achieved"? PMM are the ones who fucked it up and you need to download/patch it using the fix.

    Guitar_Hero_II_MULTi2_NTSC_XBOX360_FIX-PMM (fname: guitarhero360-fix-pmm)
    Spoiler: Show

    Hope this helps.
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