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    I got a Nook for Christmas so I was wondering which ebook tracker would be the most helpful in terms of fiction books and novels. I'm already a member of Bibliotik and Bitme. Bibliotik doesn't offer as much fiction as I would like and Bitme has mostly educational ebooks, not much for pleasure reading. So I was wondering if anyone can provide stats to either myanonamouse or ebookshare or whatever ebooks trackers out there with the most fiction ebooks. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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    There is a working search function you know, and it can be exceptionally useful some times

    I personally'd recommend mentioned (must be open) and (54931/42559alive torrents, you can pm me mail for an invite).

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    Funny how this seems to repeat itself over and over again...
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    157 very nice

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    There is a working search function you know, and it could be exceptionally useful some times
    I did a Scroogle search for "fiction e-book trackers" on FST when I saw this thread, but didn't find anything, so given the two threads I'm quoting, I did something wrong.
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    Thanks for replying. I did use the search function before creating a thread. I've already seen those threads already. Perhaps I should be a little clearer in what I wanted to know. How many epub ebooks are available in either myanonamouse or ebookshare? For example, Bibliotik has 2300 torrents in that category. I hate to join a new tracker and find out it has the same material as the trackers I'm already in.

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    Why do you have to download epub? just use calibre and it can convert most things into other things (PDF, mobi, HTML, lit etc etc to epub and vice versa) just dont try to do 30,000 at once (like i just tried, will take ages lol)

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    Have yoy ever tried Gigapedia (presently
    They have the biggest e-book collection, but they do not provide them as torrent, but as warez.
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