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Thread: Recommendations for Old Doctor Who Seasons

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    Can anyone point me to a site that has some solid downloading speeds for old Doctor Who Seasons? I'm trying to go back and grab the old Tom Baker years and the Torrents I've found are painfully slow..


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    Did you try Warez-BB? Chances are they have what you're looking for, and at good speeds.
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    the complete tom baker collection "Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) - Complete" wasn't bad speed last time i looked. I managed to get all the tom baker episodes. Set priorities to download them in order and you can get a few episodes to watch a day. Another option is to get a free trial of netflix/blockbuster(if that exist still) and get them thru that channel

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    They are currently on Netflix streaming, Seasons 1-4

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    18 is your #1 source for British shows,along with for other common wealth countries,you can als check TvT,they have all the seasons,both classics and the 2005 series...


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