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Thread: Article: Nintendo Warns Against Possible 3DS Eye Damage

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    I was reading that 5-10% of users are completely unable to see it (probably 1 or 0 eyed people) and then 20-30 of the remainder get sick/nausea or ill due to the strain after 30min or so of using it.
    I've tried a 3D TV and they look great but maybe its too much strain for too many people

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    Yeah, I'm sure I'll be using 2D mode a lot more than the 3D one. That feature is the one that interests me the least with the new handheld, and will probably end up hurting my eyes too after prolonged playing.

    All the kick ass games announced, improved graphics, and the control stick. That is what really has me hyped. Can't freakin wait for this thing to get released already.

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    after hearing about playing there DS all the hours of the day this comes across a bit worrying. Good time to be an optician I reckon lol


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