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Thread: Magicprop Review

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    Hy all ,i want to make a review about a great magic tracker with good stuff.

    This tracker was started 1 month ago and my friend who is owner here is magician who buy magic stuff and upload in magiprop for free.

    This tracker is only for magic stuff and have this stats:


    - Balloon DvdRips
    - Balloon Dvds
    - Balloon Ebooks
    - Face Painting
    - Fire Eating
    - Hypnosis
    - Juggling
    - Magic DvdRips
    - Magic Dvds
    - Magic Ebooks
    - Magic Toots
    - Magic Traders Files
    - Packet Tricks
    - Pick Pocketing
    - Prosthetics
    - Scripts N Patter
    - Ventriloquist Dummy
    - Vip Magicians


    Registered users: 131
    Torrents: 683
    Peers: 63
    Seeders: 1,159
    Leechers: 62

    We have some torrents for vip users,what mean this ?

    You can download it if you upload something in exchange,this something need to be magic stuff.

    Something like ,,i give you that but you give me this''.

    We have a 1000 users limit ,some of you will see this tracker very usefull ,some not .

    Signup Url :

    I don`t know soo much magic tracker ,and maybe users need to have a magic source ,on aom is hard to enter and others i don`t know how much is .

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    that is a very special tracker inst it ... i want to be a magician when i grow up ..

    chris angel stuff in it ?

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    Nice to see new magic trackers.. There are many scene trackers today, but not many magic trackers.. So, it's a good step.. Best of luck.
    Teh n00b.

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    BitTorrent Tracker Reviews is the right section for this, you may want to report your thread so that a Mod moves it. Adding some pictures wouldn't hurt, also.
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    What is Magicprop torrent site ?

    Magicprop is a community where you can learn about magic stuff,you can make friends.
    Is a special tracker with magic content only.
    So if you are a magician this tracker is for you,in some others tracker is hard to get account and here you get very easy.

    Is hard to seed in Magicprop ?

    No ,is easy and we have freeleech on all torrents until 05.01.2011

    I can upload my relases on magicprop ?

    Of course you can ,all users have acces to upload torrents.

    What is Magicprop Userlimit ?

    We have a 1000 users limit and then will close the doors for a loong time !

    Tracker Ratings:

    Tracker Content : 8/10
    Tracker Speed: 5/10

    News Page:



    Browse Page:

    Tracker Stats:


    Request Page:


    Classes and promotion :

    Donation Page:


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