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Thread: silly par2 question

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    Is it me, my quickpar, or are there several releases that include the par2 repair files in the par2 so when I open the .par2 file to check for repair it says 13 or so files are missing......because it is looking for the repair files. That shouldn't be right? Is my quickpar fubared or am I just loosing my mind?

    Below is a screenshot of true grit for an example. Notice how it says the repair files are missing?

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    Its just one or two morons out there screwing up usenet uploads.

    They par PAR2 files lol

    They were told not to but apparently they dont give a flying fuck
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    Thanks for the reply. I am happy to know that its not me.
    When they par the par2 repair files, if it is damaged, you are screwed :-(
    Thanks again for clearing it up!

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    How could they even PAR the PAR2 files, if you have to PAR them in order to create them in the first place
    It's like teh chicken and the egg.

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    you ask them
    a nasty trick, that is lol

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    In a goodly number of cases I've tracked down, these wacky cases were caused by poor programming of 'built-in' pieces of usenet software, which is why anyone worth their salt doesn't let them 'automatically' generate par2 files, OR, lets them do file checks/repairs, and instead does it manually with quickpar. That way, any variance can be caught and corrected before it gums up the works.


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