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Thread: Looking to upgrade to a 4G phone.

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    i have yet to venture into this new age smart phone era. what things do i want in the new phones and what things do i need to be aware of?

    i've found this phone and it seems good.

    DROID X by Motorola



    i have zero idea if either are good. is there a certain technology i should seek out?

    what other imput do any of you have?

    also, seems the links don't go directly to the phone. navigate around or just speak your mind.
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    Not exactly sure if you meant 3G but I don't believe that any of those phone support 4G. As a general guideline, since 4G is a relatively new and fancy feature it will probably be advertised very prominently if it has it. If you don't see it upon a quick glance of its specs/summary, it probably doesn't have it.

    And I'm guessing by the phones you're looking at that you're on Verizon? Verizon's 4G network is very new and most of the phones were just announced at CES, so the large majority of Verizon 4G phones haven't been released yet (but should be rolling out very quickly). Another thing to consider is the availability of 4G network in your area. While I don't believe they've announced the exact details of the 4G data plans for phones work, rest assured you'll be a paying a premium that'll be squandered if you don't have 4G where you live. I don't see Austin on the coverage map but considering it's a rather large city I wouldn't be surprised if coverage was expanded there rather quickly.

    Mainly in terms of smartphones, the two largest competitors you'll have to consider are Android phones, and the Iphone. Verizon just announced their Iphone so the carrier issue is moot now. I've generally found the Iphone touch screen to be a little more responsive, and the Iphone has an "It just works" sort of feel, although you'll pay for with a more restrictive and limited OS. Android is available on many phones so you'll have a much larger feature set to choose from. The OS is much more open and non restricting, although expect to tinker with it more. I also find Android devices have a touch response that is a hair slower, but it may just be me.

    Honestly though I think the best thing would be to go into a store and check out the handsets yourself. These opinions are largely subjective. and your opinion may differ greatly from mine.

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