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Thread: Binsearch issues

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    im kinda confused about binsearch.
    i really love it but there are some issues with its search syntax.

    For instance:

    supernatural s01 bluray macro - nothing

    supernatural bluray macro - its OK

    supernatural 01 bluray macro - its OK (LOL?)

    walk clouds 720 bluray - nothing

    walk clouds 720p bluray - its OK

    walk clouds 720 p bluray - nothing doesnt have this problem

    Im not even talking about the ones that support boolean wildmats(my favourite one)

    It would be so much better if binsearch supporetd boolean wildmats.. or regular expressions

    is there something i dont understand here?
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    Yea I agree, that is why I use a few different ones: Binsearch, NZBClub, NZBindex, Mysterbin. If one doesn't find a release I want, one of the others usually pick it up. I like Mysterbin's file search. It is great for those posts with cryptic headings.

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    I use mostly usenet explorer's built-in awesome search(when im at home)

    but i tend to stick to nzb index sites when im at work(sending nzbs to sabnzb ftw)

    I agree on the part of mysterbin.
    It looks really good and promising.And at least it allows to do the search like this, for instance:

    supernatural s01* bluray macro

    and it finds the first season just fine(but it doesnt if i use "s01" without * )

    I wonder what its update rate..
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