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Thread: Razer Switchblade

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    seems cool. now, if it supports steam i may be sold... pending on cost.

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    Looks expensive, and I'm pretty sure I won't be playing dota on that toy

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    What I don't understand is how anyone would believe they could get sufficient power for gaming off an Atom CPU.

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    Looks small, expensive and inadequately capable of playing even pong.

    The Intel Atom processor, designed for small form factor computing, is built on x86 architecture, making it capable of running PC games and applications.

    Orly? I'm pretty sure if a Commodore64 can play games any processor can. I can run applications on a PII doens't mean I'll be playing games on it. Is Razer taking the piss or do they really believe that gamers will buy this 'elegant' paperweight? And to think I was actually tempted to buy a headset from them .
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    Don't talk like that about Razer, as I have some of their products and I must admit they are all top notch.
    Not a fanboy by any means, just a simple statement regarding their quality. Have used other gaming brands, such as Roccat and Ozonegaming, but Razer still stands out in the crowd.

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    Steelseries is the one that truly stands out as quality. Razer has become inadequate as of late, especially with their idiotic diversification. They're not big enough to support all that they want to do.
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