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Thread: Looking for Region2 DVD tracker

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    Hi! As the topic, i'm searching for a german, spanish or french dvd tracker.
    The only one that i have and i know is planetq (spanish) but I don't know anything else.
    For example, I'm interested in tv series in dvd full so there's could be inside my own language too..
    Really thanks!!!

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    You mean that you need 'em dubbed in these languages? Well, can't help. This is a hard one mate. All the luck.
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    No not all in one, also just in one language. What I want to say is a dvd specialized tracker, or a tracker who has a lot of dvd inside; but French or Spanish or German, so i can find, for example if it's a German tracker it will have german's dvds. If it's French .. and so on and so forth.
    One example could be planetq who have a ot of spanish dvd5, dvd9 and bluray.

    I know that this isn't the right place but if it's not a tracker but it's a forum for example with direct link (megaupload, rapidshare.. so forth) is good too.

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    166 polish site but some dvds are mulitlingual - depends on movie studio

    also got some untouched full r2 dvds

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    german.not many torrents, but all is free and there are many dvds


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