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Thread: Looking for specific TV shows.

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    Shows like Homicide: Life on the street, The adventures of Ellery Queen etc. I'd love to be able to see these two amongst others, but I've really had it with bending over backwards with ratio woes.

    Anyone know where I can find a good repository of shows (with examples of what I'm looking for being the two posted previously) that won't have me jam a dick up my ass to enjoy what is essentially a commodity?
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    29,672 has all seasons of Homicide: LOTS on DVDrip with a handful of seeders on each and TVVault has Tim Hutton's Ellery Queen again with a few (4) seeders.

    BTN also has Homicide if you really want ratio relief.

    Actually TVTorrentz would be the best choice I know of for obscurish stuff but I'm pretty sure invites are closed at present ( I don't know anything about Freshon).
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    ( I don't know anything about Freshon).
    This is the last thing I heard:
    Spoiler: Show

    Information may be incorrect by now as it's from June 2010, but I'm still not seeing many FreshOn giveaways, so...
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