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Thread: Article: Panorama: quarter of children have looked at pornography in last year

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    Absurd article trying to attack the internet. I guess that the biggest number is between the 13-16 year old. You now when most people start to become interested in this is called know has been around for 100s of years!. Meaning that hardly any 9-12 year old have actually been seeing porn.
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    with the number of teenage pregnancies on the rise I'd rather they be looking on the internet for porn than actually doing it lol

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    First off nice one duke0102 I agree

    And second off who cares? porns porn I'm sure the people that did the study were watching porn when they were at that age to probably even led to them MAKING the study

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    Offended by a Girls Aloud music video? What would she say about Girls Gone Wild, Suicide Girls, Shemales on Girls, Exploited College Girls, Nude Wrestling Girls or Bi Teen Girls?


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