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Thread: Wireless Media Adapter

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    Just saw a commercial for this, Linksys wireless media adapter. Thought that it seemed like a great idea, and solution for me. Checked it out it only does mp3's and pics. What I was hoping for was for it to able to play movies, which would be so great because I grow tired of encoding, and my Pc is 4 rooms over from my tv.

    Anyways is there succ a thing that will play movies through a wirelss connection to the PC. If not yet, is this a technology that is coming. I really do not see any reason why these things cannot do it, the only limitation would be the software to play them which should not be too hard, the communication speed between the two should be fast enough should it not?

    Anyways just wondering if this technolgy could be usefull to me in the future.

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    I have heard of these things that you can connect to your vcr or line out of your pc and they have a transmitter on them and you can tune it into your TV.

    Their is a store selling them down my street.

    BTW the link isnt working for some reason.

    I was thinking of buying one because i too hate converting the movies into VCD or taking my computer into the living room.

    I cant remember what they are called but ill find out.

    They are pretty cheap too.

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    i think you need a 802.11 g adapter for the bandwidth required to stream movies. You can hook the linksys WGA54G to your xbox and using xmp you can watch dvix and other movie formats with full quality. or at least thats what i heard


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