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Thread: Article: AC Ryan Intros Playon! HD2 And Mini2 Full HD Media Streamers

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    why would anyone buy this thing when you can just get a PS3 that does it all?

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    PS3 has Cinavia

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotshot6473 View Post
    PS3 has Cinavia
    Doesn't matter, easily defeated by leaving DTS intact, and also can easily be cracked on XviD to, just get the newest version of MKV2VOB, mux and no more Cinivia...also, muxing on my POS only takes a few seconds, on 8GB x264s takes less than 5 so it's really no issue...and with the PS3's keys leaked, a hacker can easily make firmware/mods that could possibly disable Cinivia

    "Always Transcode DTS" box is unchecked.

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    Like both the WDTV and Seagate streamers, it appears these units operate by remote only too. Not putting controls on the unit itself has been a big mistake in my opinion. When one of those cheap-o remotes goes bye-bye, your unit is useless until you pay the ridiculous ransom for a new remote.

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    Well just to be clear AC Ryan has been around for years they are not a new company. They are relatively new to media streamers but they have made computer parts like fan grills and water cooling reservoirs for some time now. Still their media players aren't that high up on the long list of media players out there. On top OC is the WDTV Live

    @ Appzalien The WDTV Live doesn't have buttons on the unit but even with the stock firmware you can access it from any device on your network using a web GUI. There's even an Iphone app for it. I have an homebrew firmware on mine now (Psycho THC-Based on B-rad's) below is a picture of my web gui from my desktop but I also use it from my Ipod touch over the WiFi. It impresses most people I show. The wow effect is sooo worth it.

    Basically you click on the remote as if it were the real thing
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