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Thread: Ripping To An E-book

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    Yea, hopefully someone with certain knowledge can help me with this.
    My school offers books through barnes and noble, and they offer e-books. They even offer a free 7 day trial for the e-books. I am looking for a way to rip the book, so that I have it permantely , seems they use 'nookstudy,' and that uses Adobe Flash.

    Short of print screening, and pasting/saving every page. Does anyone else know of another way?

    They don't require a credit card, so anyone with spare time could check it out. And here's a thumbnail, to see the way it looks...

    Thanks in Advance

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    They probably are not stupid and have taken measures against this, but you could try capturing the e-book's data using a packet sniffer and then dumping it to a file. I'm far from being sure that will work, as I didn't know about this Nookstudy until now, but you can try.

    I usually get my e-books in PDF format from various piracy sites. Less hassle
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-sbi View Post
    ...format from various piracy sites. Less hassle
    I though you liked the hassle

    I can think of few ways of doing it,
    1-> macros
    Chance to work; %100
    find a windows macro software, a software that records and replays your keyboard and mouse moves.
    Click record on macro software, when recording starts;

    • *make it full screen
    • *print screen
    • *turn the next page
    • *paste the image into office
    • *skip to the next page in the office
    • *click the save button of office

    and stop the recording. Than set macro software to replay as much as needed. Set it 255 for that 256page book in the picture. A nice idea is closing everything on that PC beforehand, if something pops up like messanger or antivirus, it might fuck your macro up. You can export office file as PDF when complete

    2-> scan the system memory
    Chance to work; %50 - depending on the protection of the reader

    tl;dr version of this trick is; Open an virtual machine, take a system snapshot, run the book reader , take another snapshot. Look for differences between those snapshots. Manually go through those differences to find the ebook or use gnu grep to do a search in them.

    3->sniff & dump
    Chance to work; %50 - depending on the protection of the reader
    as anon said, its a nice idea. But you might end up with a clusterfuck of encrypted dump files.
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    You need to remove the DRM from the file. This method seems to work for most people. It takes a little reading though and installing python and a script to do the work. It does work for nook study books though. Let us know.
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    1024x768 res? What type of cheap ass school do you go to?
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