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Thread: Article: Fake Kaspersky Keygen Steals Software Keys

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    Makes me glad I actually pay for my Kaspersky lol

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    does it still generate a keygen to use the program. lol

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    Same here duke , happy I made up my mind and paid for it . I have a question , does anyone know if I can use my paid key for kaspersky at 2 pc's connected to the same router ? I wanna use it at my laptop and at my pc . I wanted to know , is that allowed ?

    LE/ : nevermind , I called kaspersky and I found out that i am not allowed .
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    If anyone from UK reading this and use Barclays you can get a 3 user Kaspersky IS free with online banking, be good info if other banks to this as well

    @cibu, you can get a 3 user license if you need one for the other 2 machines
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