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Thread: Account On My Pc!

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    I was just going to change my user's image and when I clicked User Accounts on the control panel I saw this "ASP.NET Machine A..." that wasn't there before, I was like wtf??? Have I been hacked??? lol
    So i did a search on google and I found this:

    "Updating windows XP will install Microsoft.NET framework, which is the
    runtime library to run .NET Applications. To be able to run web based
    applications that require access to the web server, or/and databases,
    an account must exists that allows for impersonating the users
    processes. This account is by default ASPNET with a password of ASPNET
    which gets created if you install the Microsoft.NET Framework and it
    is disabled. Microsoft gives the following description to this
    account: "Account used for running the ASP.NET worker process
    (aspnet_wp.exe)". If you are not a developer and not planning to
    develop any .NET applications that will be hosted on your XP computer,
    you can delete this account safely, you also can recreate this account
    at any time with any name you prefer and specify its information in
    the configuration file for that project wich is called web.config."

    So I just deleted the account.
    I thought that if someone else is wondering what the heck is that account doing on your system this could help

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    Ya heard about that a while ago. Thanks for bringing it up
    If you run IIS then also USR_<USERNAME> and IWAM_<USERNAME> gets created with a default password and is disabled. You might want to delete that as well.
    You won&#39;t see that in your normal user control panel.

    Go to Start > run , Type cmd
    type "net user" It will give you all the accounts on the computer. And if you have administrative access you can delete, modify, add comments etc.
    To Delete just type
    net user <USERNAME> /DELETE

    Hope this helps
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