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    Hey guys,

    I am in pretty desperate need of a good method to download PDFs of textbooks. I have already shelled out a few hundred for license keys this semester and would like to avoid buying the hard copies. I have bitme, but am not having any luck there. Anyone know of some good sites? Have also tried 4shared, filestube, google, etc...

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    This and this are also good to find books, in my experience. The former's down right now, though.

    If you need specific books, you can start a thread in the BT section, so that others can check which trackers they're on.
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    try or bitspyder...
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    well i can invite you to MyAnonaMouse, see the reviews and if like send me pm with mail

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    In my experience if your google fu is not finding anything on DDL then trackers won't have it either. Good luck though.
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