Here is a brand-new BitTorrent tracker from Romania specialized in music(it also has movies and appz torrents categories). The tracker is powered by TBDEV and at the moment the tracker has approximately 2100 torrents and 2500 registered users. The tracker is scene-only and the torrents are uploaded with great speeds. You start with 2GB up so you can easily build your ratio here(plus, all torrents larger than 300 MB are FreeLeech).
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Torrents: aprox. 2100
Registered Users: aprox. 2500
Forum: 2500 posts/threads
Codebase: TBDEV
Our Rating: None
The tracker is brand-new and they have enough time to fix everything. Also even if it's a brand-new tracker don't be afraid to download, because you start with 2GB upload and there are a lot of FreeLeech torrents.