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Thread: XBOX Live Incremental Update 1-19-11 Adds *NEW* AP2.5 Games

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    Yes, as of today's Live Incremental update, I say this, because it's nothing of real importance but figured people who are not banned would like to know this...

    Xbox LIVE Dashboard update:
    On Wednesday, January 19th we will issue a mandatory dashboard update that (re) enables the ‘Boot to Disc’ option in the Xbox 360 dashboard. After you accept the update, you’ll be able to set the option to boot to the Xbox 360 dashboard OR directly to the game you have in the tray when you power up your console. This option can be found in the System Settings. update:

    Additionally, on Thursday January 20th the team will ship an update that contains a small update to the Gamercards. We’ve updated the Gamercard look and feel a bit and removed gamerzone from the card. Other than that, the same amount of information is on the card.

    Now as of right now, these 3 games have had there AP2.5 calls enabled.....

    Call Of Duty Black OPS
    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II
    Halo Reach

    ^ so I believe this means you will need to stop playing these on live until a "new verified" comes out, if I'm thinking right....because when running through ABGX, I believe neither of these games show AP 2.5 enabled.

    Yeah I think I am right, just ran Black OPS through and doesn't show AP don't update unless you don't care about those games....

    Status so far from #fw:
    - update stops AP25 (MW2, Reach, Black Ops) copies from loading, but you don't get flagged
    - one user got flagged trying to run BO on a lite 8xxxx LT and a lite 7xxxx LT+
    - stock firmware with original games and update work ok
    - original games also stop working on LT+ for some (rumor), at least three first-hand reports that they still work

    Black Ops didn't have AP25 until this update

    Only for HItachi has a 3 minute check....

    Benq/Liteon have infinite seek to never fail a ap2.5 check.
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