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Thread: Need a client that...

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    I have been using alt.binz but it has been pissing me off lately doing weird stuff like losing all my settings.

    So anyways I am looking for something different.

    I have one simple request that the client must do, I just tried newsleecher and unzbin and neither seem to do this.

    I want the downloads to go in a folder named the same name as the nzb. Just like utorrent would do. Altbinz does this fine.

    Newsleecher just seems to dump all the rars etc into whatever folder I have set for default as my downloads folder. Which just becomes a big mess even if it does delete the rars afterwards.

    Unzbin puts them in a folder but they have some number in front of the name, so navigating through your downloads is a pain because they are not in abc order.

    Any help here is very appreciated. I don't care for sabnzbd though.

    changed thread title. Anyone??
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    Newsleecher just seems to dump all the rars etc into whatever folder I have set for default as my downloads folder.
    ehhh what?
    u can specify download folder for each download. RMB->(leech-specify)
    and select there an option to download it to a subfolder based on the header also..

    if you want imported nzb files to be downloaded udner nzb names, you should check this in the settings- NZB files- save to nzb subfolder
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    Ah ha, I knew I was missing it thanks man!! Made my day.

    Ok one more thing, I downloaded something as a test, its sitting there saying ready to extract but it isn't unrarring it. Any ideas here my extract settings.

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    whats in your's leech tweaks settings?
    also ion repair and extract page everything should be turned on( enabled\monitor\repair\extract)

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    I just set it to download the pars as it wasn't doing it even if it needed them.

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    I don't know what's the issue some people have with sabnzbd. It does exactly what you described and more. And it's quite lightweight too.

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    I haven't got a bad thing to say about sabnzbd. On my htpc I feed it nzb's and it happily toils away in the background like a morlock in the darkness.

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    I also absolutely LOVE SabNzb and I was having issues with Alt.Binz. Another plus is Sabnzbd has an iphone app! It has an integrated browser that allows you to download your nzbs and send them to sabnzb from your iphone/ipod touch and fully control/monitor them.

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    Newsbin Pro is great, not free though, but worth the money if you ask me.

    Who needs cloud storage when you got the NSA?

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    i have newsbin pro, newsleecher,(had ultraleecher) and usenet explorer.

    The last one is total pwnage

    they are implementing into nbpro6(alpha stage as of now) several features that have been in UE for ages.
    awesome built-in search, the best id say out there. but its is a sophisticated piece of software, not very user friendly=)
    A hardcore newsreader
    can also save downloads using nzb names though i dont see the point in using nzbs when u have buil-it search supporting boolean wildmats(u can turn them off), with a frequent update rate, stability and completion( shame on you, newsleecher's supersearch!) or being able to specify download patch manualy , or based on the header
    lots of settings,features.
    it doesnt look modern what can i say but i dont really care as long as it continues to pwn lol

    but im really looking forward to NBpro6.. the more good and competitive newsreaders we have, the merrier
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