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Thread: - Universal Science Forum with premium scientific resources downloads

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    USF is a place for those who are passionate about science and math hardcore!
    We are looking for active members who are ready to share their wisdom, contribute to your knowledge database and of course gain from the pool.

    USF deals with every field of science and maths with separate organized forums and sub-forums. It provides separate platforms for serious/technical topics and discussions as well as "popular" science/general discussions. USF also provide blog space for each member. USF also provides platform for recreational maths and science be it math problems, puzzles, science riddles etc

    In addition to that there is an exclsuive section XUSF which deals with PREMIUM FAST direct download links to rich content

    Test it out here

    1)eBooks(PDF,djvu) - Textbooks in all field sof science and maths, Advanced books, technical books, Popularr science, journals with direct download links.

    2)Video Download Links - elearning videos(Programming, web development, grafics, analytics, technical skills), Learning aids and animations (all fields of science, medicine,

    surgery etc), basic video lessons( science, maths)
    3)Audio files - audio books, brainwave music , learning aids( heart sounds, lung sounds etc)

    You can apply for an account here
    This is a friendly assessment of your passion and interest in science and what you can contribute to this community. So buckle up and fill this up! We are waiting to welcome you in..

    Or else reply to this thread why you want to join and pm me your email id. I will invite you in.

    Its a new site and I hope for your support.
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    Look gr8, thamks

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    Thanks.. join up!

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    Last day of open registration for now!

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    lol hardcore math & science
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    To be honest it sounded pretty interesting, but upon visiting and seeing that it'll be pretty closed off, I doubt it will experience the expansion and longevity it is expecting. Think about how doom9 became a go to place for all things audio/video, they come up on searches with the exact questions you had. If you want establish a science forum, it's got to be able to draw people in using the questions and topics that bring us together. Then when they find it (forums are still viewable), you wouldn't want to make it about as hurdle-ridden as getting into a closed BT site to be a member.

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    The forum looks good. I registerd. Decent activity for new forum. I guess he listened to your comment . It is open for registration now.

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    The forum was getting ready for open signup.
    Not locking it down. Now registration is open.

    And the xusf feature has ebooks in premium fast links. Thats better than slow torrents and dead torrents.. and you dont have to worry about ratio.

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    mjmacky's Avatar an alchemist?
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    ebooks... hmmm
    what do you mean by "premium" links? A pay to download service?

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    There is no pay to download service.It is free. Active members can download from premium fast download links.
    You can read more about in the forum.
    Premium means .. direct download links. No waiting time. Resumeable. And fast.

    check it out here
    You can try the feature.
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