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    Hi I dont know if this is the right place or if I'm using supernodes correctly, but i think this is a list of good asian supernodes.

    IPport:|user:gbf|country:SG|state: |city:
    IPport:|user:newloca|country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user:shackalack|country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user:kynha|country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user:geekazoid|country:HK|state: |city:
    IPport:|user:monique|country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user:daruma|country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user: |country: |state: |city:
    IPport:|user:losman7765|country:KR|state: |city:
    IPport:|user: |country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user: |country:HK|state: |city:
    IPport:|user: |country:JP|state: |city:
    IPport:|user: |country:SG|state: |city:

    If I'm wrong dont flame me, just tell me.
    Trying to help thats all

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    FastTrack Help is also a good place to exchange and download supernode lists.


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