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    [align=center]Review Date: January 22nd 2010

    Review compiled by: notbyme

    Review Contents:

    * Logo
    * Tracker Type
    * Tracker Age
    * Categories
    * Torrents
    o Most Recent
    * Freeleech
    * Bonus System
    * Tracker Stats
    * Tracker Rules
    * Userclasses/Promotion
    * Invites
    * Forums & Community
    * IRC
    * Signup URL
    * Ratings & Comments


    Tracker Type: General.

    Tracker Age: Born around October 2010


    Torrent catagories are growing steadily with the most recent addition being a xxx section and a planed ipod movies section:

    Recent uploads:

    All Music and Apps are Freeleech

    Bonus System:

    The site runs a karma points based bonus system which awards you 1 karma point per hour for every torrent you have seeding,these can then be exchanged for one of the many options on the karma points page:

    [size=4]Tracker Stats:

    The site is growing steadily and is now invite only though there are time limited invite codes posted on select invite forums

    Tracker Rules:


    At this moment the site is invite only.

    Forums and Community:

    With 1800 posts in four months the forum is steadily growing in popularity and friday nights are proving to be very popular in the shoutbox with staff and members enjoying the radio based eightys night and competitions.

    IRC Info:
    Site doesnt have an IRC channel yet, but They are planning to open a pre channel soon

    Signup URL:

    Ratings and Comments:

    Content: 8/10... Site is new but You will find almost everything. movies, music ,Music Videos,Games,Apps,You will also find encodes from their growing encoding team.

    Speed: 5/5... Speed is great. most of their torrents are seeded on 100mbits/1gbits seedboxes.

    Community: 4/5...The site has a very friendly relaxed feel to it and with the growing userbase I think this site has a very bright future ahead.

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    Your giving them awefully high marks. Are you staff there? IDK if 4,000 torrents for a general tracker is worth 8/10 for content.

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    he is staff for sure

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    ok all have a little promotion code for you but its only good for a limited time..One of the sysops decided to be a sap and get married on the 14th of feb(valentines day) so their anniversary is tomorrow so we decided to give out an invite code feel free to give the link to your friends so they can signup

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    Ok, we have made a little change.
    When you goto our site address it takes you to a page which is not this tracker.

    What you need todo is, click onto the seedboxes page.

    And click on the little copyright symbol ( ) at the very end of the page
    This will then take you onto the trackers login page.

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    Or you can just go to login.php... what's the point of having a fake page if you're going to post how to get through it in public, anyway?
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Dam that is really fail!!! why would you post how to get round the page lol just remove it its now useless

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    Invite only - Signups are closed presently
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-sbi View Post
    Or you can just go to login.php... what's the point of having a fake page if you're going to post how to get through it in public, anyway?
    LOL Fail!


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