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    Does anyone knows why i can't preview the movie that i'm downloading on bitTorrent? I've tried with WMP and AVIpreview and none of does work!

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    You can preview movies but it usually doenst work because bittorrent downloads in chunks. There is no need to preview a file when you get from bittorrent or from hashes

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    Thanks!! From what I understood to resume a download after exiting bitorrent i need to go to the hash again and select the same destination folder on my computer right?

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    If you right click the file and save the torrent to your drive its easier.
    Though SZ is the simplest...

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    again no need for a different client

    you can preview movies even bin/cues be fore there finished with

    supreizingly you don't need all the info, just the very beginning and very end (so it might take a bit before preview)

    but really no need unless you just can't wait to see something, because their aren't many fakes, so small its almost unheard of, otherwise very rear


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