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Thread: Article: IFPI: 31% Decline in Global Music Sales

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    Committing piracy would be a good way of getting out of a phone/broadband contract lmao

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    This story sounds like a broken cd to me. The "industry" needs to stop blaming something they can never stop and instead focus on fixing their business model. In prior generations, you were forced to buy a physical product, or borrow from a friend, to listen to the music you wanted to listen to. Now, satellite radio, the ability to buy single tracks and take them with you, streaming radio subscriptions, hell, even those music channels on the cable picture box are all in direct competition now. Oh, and don't forget, the quality of music these days compared to those by-gone eras is so much worse. Why do you think artists are releasing their music for free or staying independent more so these days? As with consumers, the artists' choices of releasing music have also eliminated the need to sign with a label. The RIAA and the music labels have become obsolete. Fact is, they refuse to realize that fact so long as they reap their exorbitantly extorted benefits from their clients and consumers.
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    Yeah the problem is 75% of albums only have 1 or 2 good songs on them.

    I haven't bought an album from a mainstream artist in years. But local or upcoming bands I buy ALL THE TIME.

    The "average" musician really does make more money now because digital music and mediums that the internet provide like myspace and facebook increase their exposure.

    I support musicians that deserve it, but I refuse to buy an album that isn't good from beginning to end.


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